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​hmR - Health Market Research Consulting Services incorporates a series of specialized ad-hoc services that can be customized for each company.

Adapted for the specific needs and areas of each company, the solutions developed are enabled by a pre-evaluation of requisites, following to an analysis phase and finally to the deployment stage. The project is completed by extracting conclusions and presenting them the client.

Even though the following services should not be defined as a default offer, the services regularly solicited by our business partners are:

Pricing Analysis watch

A group of pre-defined analysis aimed at studying the price of generic and market brands. Analysing tools of positioning and price elasticity, simulations of price reduction compensation vs. unit increase, price evolution analysis (history of 25 months), trend analysis, infiltration of generic medication in a homogenous group, and calculating the position of a company regarding prices practiced, are the factors considered for this study.

Geographic Analysis Watch

A service that allows for a regional, visual, and comparative analysis of product performance and/or sales force. A geographical analysis (Portugal and/or Spain) of hmR regions, municipalities NUTS (Territorial Nomenclatures Units for Statistical Purposes), ACES (Health Care Group Centres), districts or company clusters. Allow the visualization of MI (Market Index), Evol (Evolution Index), PYG (Previous Year Growth), PPG (Previous Period Growth), MS (Market Share) and GMS (Geographic Market Share), for relative periods, such as MAT (Moving Annual Total), YTD (Year to Date), or QTR (Quarter), or by month, trimester or year.

Pharmacy Groups Performance / Pharmacy Cluster Performance

An analysis that allows the monitorization of selected market sales, using comparative indicators, throughout different time periods.  It identifies groups or clusters of pharmacies with a better potential and performance, analysing strategic markets for future negotiations and identifying business opportunities.

Sales Performance Overview

A Business Intelligence solution that groups multiple analysis functions. It analyses objectives, comparable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and regional and national sales, allowing the integration of company data (sale structures, visitations, direct sales, doctor profile data).

The analysis available can be adapted to the definitions of each company, allowing for the ultimate analysis of data of the 410 hmR regions by molecule and company.

Sales Force Target Definition

Based on a Dashboard that monitors incentives calculations and objective achievements. Sales Force objectives are divided considering the weight of the client and market (of a previous period) Geographic Market Share (GMS). It is possible to view information by product, representative, commercial team, hmR region or company clusters.

Profits & Losses

A study of a product/company’s profits and losses for a specific market (ATC or INN class) during a period of time. It analyses a sales team performance by grouping several regions, REP’s or SM’s, stemming from stipulated base levels. It is possible to analyse the evolution of the indicators studied, giving a performance understanding and comparing positions with individual competitors. 

Pharma Entities Positioning

A service that increases the efficiency and knowledge of a sales force, by positioning and operating contributors in Health sectors (such as Pharmacies, Parapharmacies and Health Centres, Hospitals, Family Health Units, Resting and Nursing Homes) in order to identify their areas of influence.

It incorporates the nursing homes listed on the social letter and, 2168 nursing homes with their segmentation capacity.

It also included the demographic and socio-economic information of the Census 2011 on a parish level.

The ACES (Group Health Centres) segmentation is done according to:

  • Information on pharmacies and market potential;

  • Prescription data;

  • Demographic and socio-economic data (purchase power index);

  • Health data (Rate of healthcare service use).

Generic Market Overview

This analysis identifies markets for strategic Generic Products (MG) and the potential for a specific company (target market). An analysis can be done of an MG’s portfolio by company (breadth vs depth analysis), product dependency by company, MS% (Market Share) of generic products, TOP MNF’s (Manufactures) and TOP INN’s (International Non-proprietary Names), Market Share of Manufactures and the INN Manufacturer Leader.

Rx Watch Studies

This analysis presents company and product prescription sales for specialities with regional detail in 66 regions.

The analysis can be focussed on the effort force of costume sales integrating company areas, allowing travelling analysis between the location of prescription and the fill out location. Studies on levels, substitution of medication and generic medication inclusion trends, can be included as well.

Product Performance Watch

This study analyses the inclusion of new products, as well as the efficiency of promotional campaigns for a certain group, compared to a test group. It allows benchmarking launches and product evolution (with regional detail), and the analysis of the competition and rankings according to profits and losses of market quotas.

Profiles, profiling and segmentation

This analysis offers a global market positioning and market value potential. Built with real pharmacy data, this service offers segmentation matrix counters; maximum, medium, and minimal segment values; lists with pharmacy group segmentation; distribution segmentation adapted to sale structures or to client defined clusters; market and brand concentration curves, to establish the maximum number of pharmacies to visit, clarifying coverage and frequency. It maximizes negotiating potential, by allowing the visualization of variances and imbalances of business opportunities – scenario planning.

Territorial alignment

This study allows the calculation and a balanced, fair and free territorial distribution by crossing market and company data. It analyses the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of each REP region, analysing Reps Equivalent, identifying regions with greater potential, and optimizing the dimension of the sales force. It is also equipped with a visual comparative analysis between regions, before and after alignment, analysing the profits and losses by REP.

Early Market Forecast

Available by mid-month, this study predicts monthly sales. It is a competitive Market analysis consisting of market information on companies, product, INN, ATC class, hmR class and Health Care Group Centres. 

​Reimbursement Studies

An analysis of the sales distribution of general vs. special reimbursement regime, analysing the impact of complementing regimes. It also gives a relation between price reductions and sale dynamics between reimbursement regimes.

Consumer Watch / Shopping Basket

A service based on the data of Portuguese Pharmacy Card Program. From real data of 2053 pharmacies, it acknowledges and understands consumer behaviour (around 2M consumers). It analyses the loss, gain, and retention of customers, brand shopping basket, cross-selling, up-selling, and promotional efficiency.

Product Basket

A study that offers knowledge of products, therapeutic areas/markets frequently purchased together with the product or market selected by the company (alone or in baskets). The data is gathered during sales with and without prescriptions, providing an output of market or product combinations, and an analysis of cross and up selling.

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