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Hospital Watch Solution, hmR - Health Market Research allows clients to have access to data from pharmaceutical products and devices in a hospital environment, aggregated by region or hospital type, allowing specialty and/or valence segmentation. The information can be delivered in various dimensions, namely consumed units, value or treatment duration, and separated by brand or active principles.

The solution includes four dashboards: a general one, for big market trends; a second for ranking most consumed products; a third for historic analysis (projecting consumption over the months); and a forth one for sample analysis, that displays a series of dimension and production indicators of the sub-hospitals in analysis (total, com by filtering information).

Our solution differentiates from current market offers due to:

  • Larger data robustness, obtained based on a more comprehensive and diversified hospital panel;

  • Bigger segmentation capacity of the information presented (by regional level, by institution type and by specialty/valence);

  • Introduction of a more relevant clinical dimension (that allows crossing consumption data with internment episodes’ diagnostics).

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