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​Comprehensive Market Watch

This on-line service is a set of Web reports/dashboards with multi-market information from several segments of the Pharma market in Portugal – Pharmaceutical, Generics, OTC, Personal Care (Dermocosmetics), Patient Care (Medical and Personal Devices), Supplements and Nutrition.

Considering this information is publish on the 3rd working day of each month, the user has immediate access to the market’s most relevant information in a concise and fast way. Being able to answer questions such as, how much is the market growing? What company is leading? What is the most consumed product? What is the most dynamic therapeutic area?

It includes the analysis of: 

  • Market Watch - Top 100 Companies

  • Market Watch - Top 25 ATC3’s

  • Market Watch - Top 25 CHC Classes

  • Market Watch - Top 100 Products

  • Market Watch - Top 100 Brands

  • ​Market Watch – Districts

For each analysis, all market standard measures are considered, such as Sell Out units and Sell Out values (PVP), Market Share, and Growth during the current month, year to date (YTD) and last 12 months (MAT).

Besides rankings, market summaries are published monthly and yearly, as well as monthly information regarding relevant legislation and Social Environment.

Global Market Watch

This service is based on the Sell Out information of pharmacies, on a National level, for various market segments - Pharmaceutical, Generics, OTC, Personal Care (Dermocosmetics), Patient Care (Medical and Personal Devices), Supplements and Nutrition.

The Global Market Watch allows a consolidated analysis of several markets or specifically for a given ATC, INN or CHC Class, allowing the identification of growth trends, market share variations, and new launches.

Mostly it is directed towards marketing teams (Product Mangers, Business Managers, Market Research Managers, etc.) and is an indispensable tool for Directors of different companies (General Management, Financial, Market Access, etc.)

It can present up to 3 years of Sell Out, Stocks and Sell In historic analysis for frequent periods of time (month, YTD, MAT, Etc.). It is delivered monthly on an off-line database.

With this service, hmR offers daily and weekly deliveries (and aggregated months) of Sell Out information for determined products or markets through ad-hoc studies requested by companies.

Detailed Market Watch

Based on the same information as Global Market Watch, Detailed Market Watch allows the geographic detail of the 410 hmR regions.

These regions consist of 3 or more pharmacies, and allow companies to configure these regions according to sales/promotion teams, analysing performance based on information from market indexes of databases and dashboards available for this purpose.

Detailed Market Watch is an essential tool for Sales Teams Management, on a Manager or a REP level.

Considering this service allows for market personalization, it is frequently used by Market Research and Business Intelligence departments.

By default, this service allows a 25-month history analysis of Sell Out, Stocks and Sell In information, and specific measures for analysing sales teams, such as MI or Evol, or for Product/Brand Management, such as Numeric Distribution and Stock Cover.

Detailed Market Watch has a daily, weekly and monthly periodicity (and aggregated months) allowing the user to access information through off-line databases, excel reports and/or on-line Dashboards

Distribution Watch

As a complement to the regional information from Detailed Market Watch, companies can have access to on-line Dashboards on an Evaluated and Numeric Distributions level, in units and values for their markets and brands.

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