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As with previous years, hmR - Health Market Research, in partnership with CEFAR, has the pleasure to present the new edition of Prescription Study, this year named E-Prescription & Switch.

The biggest innovation incorporated in this study (2016) involves the collection and use of data from Medical Electronic Prescriptions.

The analysis in question is substantiated on:

  • ​larger panel of participating pharmacies (450)

  • greater number of evaluated prescriptions (> 5M),

  • greater number of transactions obtained (> 10 million)

  • ​greater detail of information available for the study (including prescription information beyond waivers, which allows the analysis of the effect of the Switch and determine the specialty).

The main principles of the study consist in:

  • Quantifying the proportion of drugs prescribed by Molecule (prescription by CNPEM) or Molecule + brand (prescription by CNP - Exceptions) when subject to replacement in GH.

  • Identifying the differences​ between prescriptions and dispensations, in case of Exceptions.

  • Characterizing the prescription and waiver of the identified Molecule.

  • Characterizing prescriptions and exceptions, by medical specialty.

  • Regional Characterization with travelling (5 areas in mainland Portugal).

  • Analysing Product / Molecule basket (based on the prescription).

  • Client Market Analysis (junction of PRD / Molecule).

  • ​Monthly Evolution (November 2015 - August 2016).


If you want to know more about this study contact us.