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For product managers or business lines leaders, HMR offers a range of services that help in managing product portfolio, monitoring of new releases, or even, in assessing market potential.

Product management or the brand name itself, has always been one of the most important areas of the industry.

A successful product launch can do, and indeed, makes the difference for a company.

hmR offers a complete catalog of data and services designed specifically for this area, from market forecasts, daily and weekly sales tracking, even historical analysis and benchmarking studies.

With hmR services, our customers are accustomed to a earlier data frequency that allows them to act on time, and if necessary, implement corrective action tactics or strategies timely.

Focusing primarily on information gathered in Pharmacies at national level or by territorial breakdown of all Spain (hmR Regions), hmR uses its own class structure of segments and products, so that, the customer can grasp a better view of the dynamics and market developments.

hmR combine pharmacy data (sales and prescription) with Mass Market data of ​​and, in some countries, also providing information about hospital consumption.

Some of our clients ask us for consulting or implementation services platforms (BI), and therefore many often we work together on projects "in-company", living hand to hand the difficulties of our clients and having better understanding of their goals to get effective and efficient actions, according to how the market requires us to answer.