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A whole range of supporting solutions for team and territories​ management, tracking campaign, sales and stocks tracking, evaluation and business performance.


Based on a geographical breakdown of regions (hmR Regions), but grouping pharmacies data more personalized (Cluster of Regions) and without harming the confidentiality of data sources; hmR allows running high quality analysis on performance or efficiency sales force of pharmaceutical companies, based on actual sales consumption transactions of the Spanish population. The analyzes available, can even be made with a weekly or daily basis, enabling companies to deploy very quickly any measures required to ensure the efficiency of the promotion activity and sale corrective measures.

The analysis of regional powers, by market segment, therapeutic class (ethical products) or hmR class (products without prescription), company, product or pack, allows the identification of possible geographical imbalances, territories realigning, sales tem optimize or simply follow the sales plan and promotion of a brand or product portfolio (portfolio management).

Providing daily rankings by market, molecule, product or active ingredient or another definition requested by the customer, allows companies to make a very consistent track with its business, allowing to manage the breaks stocks on time, cover stocks, and as a result, getting a good synchronization with the financial and logistics departments of the companies.

To provide the best support to the sales force of our customers, in a structured and adapted way to each team, hmR made "On-line or Off-line Dashboards " easily accessible for each delegate, so that it can better manage the potential of their area​ and the evolution of it in the same monthly or weekly, as intended. On many occasions, our information integrates or export CRM data or other information of interest to our customers, all consolidated in a "user-friendly", productive and efficient solution.

​Thanks to the correct understanding of the cycle of business development, hmR Spain through its consulting department offers to ​its customers technological tools ​of last generation which allows goals calculations and incentive pay of their sales forces too.​